These public videos are here because they are of general interest. For obvious reasons, most of the corporate and event work I do can't be shown here. Please contact me if you would like to see more work and I'll send you the links. Thank you for your interest ! Oh, and there are some tiny video experiments on the Instagram feed too.

Ketou, Benin


"Parian" = of the Greek island of Paros

Music : Dertlidikos Horos by A. Kostis

Ifa Fragments

The cult of Ifa is at the heart of the voodoo tradition, both in West Africa and the diaspora.

This short film, made while working on a photo reportage in Benin, offers a glimpse into the world of the "babalawo", the initiate and priest of Ifa.

It's impossible to say anything in depth about such a complex, rich and ancient tradition in a few minute's video. Which is why I haven't tried to do so.

Those familiar with the subject will recognize the processes of divination and sacrifce here. Everyone else can just take in some of the atmosphere of these fragments. 

The video shows (rapidly) how the "fetishes", or Orishas, Legba, Shango and Ogun are installed. We then see babalawos and their clients involved in parts of rituals of divination and sacrifice.

This is a rare glimpse at something seldom shown.

Beijing: a walk in the park

A photographic assignment took me to China, to the deepest countryside, the trip bookended by a little time spent in Beijing.

Once before I had been to the city, many years ago, and had memories of how diverse were the activities in the city's parks.

Knowing I wanted to come back with a short video, that I don't speak the language, that I had very limited time available for the project, I decided to revisit those memories.

The idea was very simple: to try to convey some of the wonder I felt during a simple walk in the park in Beijing (several walks, in fact, in different parks, edited together).

I was struck by how open and friendly the people were: everyone was aware they were being filmed and I had only one gentle refusal which - communication is not always easy - may not even have been that.

Saint-Pétersbourg: 30 000, -20, 90

Video made at the same time as a photo reportage about the homeless population of Saint Petersburg, Russia. 

A postcard from NYC

Haiti: 23 €

This video was made during a long, commissioned, photo reportage in Haiti. Just 23 € per month finances far more than schooling and often provides the only meal a child will eat in a day..

Romania: Zece-Hotare

An early video made in parallel with the story on the photo page. Lo-fi !