Comissioned videos 

Please get in touch if you would like to see more videos not available on the public part of this website. 

Objenious par Bouygues Telecom - Matinale Connectée 

SODEXO / Istanbul

Dia / Carrefour - transformation 

Bibliothèque nationale de France / Dai Nippon Printing - 3D globes

WithUp Com Summary 




Nos Quartiers ont des Talents

RATP - Tramway T5

RATP - Tramway T7

Oracle Day

Michelin - Total Performance

Coca-Cola 60 second countdown

SAIDV - web documentary

These videos (in French) form five chapters of a web documentary commissioned by a center for visually impaired children.

The brief:

- show parents who have recently discovered their child has a problem that they are not alone

- show how the center works and what services it provides

- tell the stories of two young adults as they leave the center

The videos were presented on a dedicated website developed specifically.


SAIDV - #1 Parents

SAIDV - #2 Autonomie

SAIDV - #3 Environnement

SAIDV - #4 Kevin

SAIDV - #5 Elodie

SAIDV - web documentary online